For us, flexibility is a given


Our story began at university, where we – Günter Helbig and Jörg Seilwinder – noticed during our first few joint projects how well our skills complemented one another. Once we had our qualifications in the bag and had gained some experience with major firms, we teamed up and went into business for ourselves.

From the beginning we felt that it was important to be able to live out our passion for tinkering and to not grow any larger than allowed us to provide each customer with individual support and react quickly to project-specific requirements whenever needed.

Performance is not a question of size. Engineering firms and SMEs in particular benefit from our flexibility and wide range of services.

  • 2001   Founded by partners Günter Helbig and Jörg Seilwinder
  • 2003   Moved to a larger office
  • 2004   Specialised in the current core areas of hardware/software
  • 2005   Several interns and first employees
  • 2007   Moved to a larger office
  • 2009   Moved to an even large office with lab
  • 2015   4 employees + interns