The perfect PCB and circuitry for every application


Our close contact with PCB and SMT manufacturers means that the course is set for trouble-free manufacture and component placement as early as during PCB design.

  • Standard and high-temperature materials
  • Prototype service
  • Flexible and rigid-flexible PCBs, solder resist, position printing
  • Deliveries for small batches
  • Single, double and multi-layer
  • Custom mechanical products such as fitting holes, contour and level milling
  • Creation of any technically possible layer thickness and structure, including with metal cores
  • Surface treatment, e.g. HAL / chem. tin-plating, gold, silver
  • Very small tolerances where desired (IPC class 3)
  • Placement of fine and ultra-fine conductors
  • Creation of layouts with …,
  • Creation of standard-compliant wiring diagrams
  • Redesign of PCBs
  • Blind vias, buried vias, microvias
  • Library handling and creation